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20.Mar, 201620

Blockage Solutions for All Your Drains

Whether you are a homeowner or have a commercial or industrial property you will be all too aware of the problems that can be caused by blocked drains. In the home, simple things such as an object dropped down a toilet, or grease in the sink drainage, can lead to poor drainage and even floods, while for bigger drains, the problem can be exaggerated and very costly. At Meister, operating out of Cape Town, we are the people to come to for all your drain blockage problems, no matter the size or type of drain involved.

At Meister we take great pride in the fact we have already helped many satisfied customers rectify major and minor drain problems – and remember, it is best catch the latter before the escalate into something more troublesome – and we do so with a professional and efficient approach at all times. We will attend to your problem as quickly as we can – we handle emergencies if necessary – and we ensure as little disruption as possible. Furthermore, as we use the very latest techniques and equipment, you can rely upon us to the job as quickly as it can be done.

Meister are experts in the use of high pressure water jetting systems for clearing drains, and with CCTV investigation devices for finding the cause of the blockage. We use up to the minute, portable machinery that can be easily position in even the most awkwardly shaped buildings, and our highly trained team know exactly what to look for when seeking out a blockage. Blocked drains can mean flooding and that means trouble – not least in terms of cost – so if you have a problem, get in touch with Meister right now, and let us fix it for you as quickly as we possibly can – it could save you a lot of money!


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