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21.Jun, 201610

Problems with Drains? Call the Experts!

Are you having problems with your home plumbing or drainage system? Perhaps you have noticed you are using more water than normal, or you suspect that you have a leak. The problem is that most of your plumbing system is hidden, and leaks can be difficult to find in such a complex system. Drain Meister is an established service provider in Durban with a strong reputation, and we can help you find leaks and problems using advanced and sophisticated equipment. We are experts at drain and plumbing repairs, and we can help with any job, no matter how large or…

14.Jun, 201610

We Clear Blockages Fast

Blocked drains are a perennial problem, and if left unattended can cause further problems and cost money. Whether caused by debris – typical with outside drain and sewer systems – or by a build-up of grease and other substances in your sink outlet the blockages need to be cleared efficiently and quickly, and at Drain Meister we have the solution for all types of blockages. We serve addresses in all areas in and around Durban, and with many satisfied customers so far, we have a reputation for excellent professional service and proven results. At Drain Meister we like to assure…

7.Jun, 201610

Repair Leaks Quickly Before They Cost Money!

Leaks in your plumbing and drainage system can quickly cause serious damage, and it is essential to get the experts in to handle the problem. Sometimes, discovering the source of a breakage or blockage in the system can be difficult, and only the latest detection techniques can determine where the problem is. At Drain Meister we have the expertise and experience – and the right equipment – to help, and we have many satisfied customers in and around Durban. We’re here to help, whether you have a major or minor problem, or whether you are a domestic or commercial customer….

30.May, 201620

Let The Professionals Sort Your Drains

So, you think you have a leak in your plumbing or drainage system, but can’t find out where it is? It’s a common problem, especially as much of your domestic or commercial plumbing will be hidden away. At Drain Meister we have the equipment and the expertise to find even the most difficult of leaks or damage, and we have already helped many satisfied customers in and around Durban fix troublesome and damaging drains. Our experts are on hand to help you with every problem, no matter the size or scope, and we are always as quick as we can…

23.May, 201620

Drain Replacement and Repair in Durban

Drains are a vital and integral part of domestic and commercial premises across South Africa, yet we sometimes take them for granted. As they are hidden from view they do their job quietly and without our knowledge, but when they do go wrong, we tend to notice! Blocked, damaged or simply worn out drains can lead to floods, which can cause serious damage. This is why, at Drain Meister, we offer you the full range of our expertise in not only cleaning blocked drains, but also replacing and repairing damaged or outdated drainage systems. Drain Meister cover addresses in and…

16.May, 201620

Blocked Drains? Don’t Worry, Drain Meister Can Help!

Blocked drains are a problem that, sometimes, cannot be avoided. Outdoor systems are prone to blockage by leaves and other debris that may get into the pipes, while even your indoor sink is likely to become blocked from time to time. Also, pipes can become damaged and may require replacing, and it is always sensible to engage a professional to tackle the job properly. Drain Meister offers a full range of drainage services to addresses in and around Durban, and we are proud of a reputation for excellent service and great results. At Drain Meister we can help you with…

10.Apr, 201610

Why You Need Experts Like Meister

Among the many essential systems in the home, your plumbing and drainage is often overlooked. This is largely because – apart from the obvious inlets and outlets – it is largely hidden, and even outside the house only a minor part of drain systems is visible. This can cause problems when it comes to clearing a blockage, as finding the cause can be difficult. At Meister we have the expertise and experience to help you find even the most problematic drainage problems, thanks to the use of the latest equipment and techniques. We understand the causes of blocked drains and,…

30.Mar, 201610

Short and Long-Term Solutions from Meister

Keeping your drains well-maintained is essential, and this is especially so when it comes to industrial and commercial drainage systems. Business owners need to ensure that the drains covering the building are working adequately at all times; floods and other problems, usually caused by blockages or damage, can be both troublesome and costly. At Meister, leaders in blocked drain treatment in Cape Town, we can help not only with blockages in the home and at work on a one-time basis, but we are more than happy to come to an agreement for a maintenance contract, at sensible prices. A maintenance…

20.Mar, 201620

Blockage Solutions for All Your Drains

Whether you are a homeowner or have a commercial or industrial property you will be all too aware of the problems that can be caused by blocked drains. In the home, simple things such as an object dropped down a toilet, or grease in the sink drainage, can lead to poor drainage and even floods, while for bigger drains, the problem can be exaggerated and very costly. At Meister, operating out of Cape Town, we are the people to come to for all your drain blockage problems, no matter the size or type of drain involved. At Meister we take…

10.Mar, 201610

What Causes Blocked Drains? Ask Meister!

Blocked drains in the home can be a nightmare; whether it is your sink unit, bath or toilet – or even drains outside the home – that becomes blocked, the result can mean flooding, problems of cleanliness, and added cost. What causes blocked drains? At Meister, a leading name in the investigation and repair of drain problems in Cape Town, we have found that the causes of blockages can be varied, but rest assured we have the expertise and equipment to clear your blockage and fix your drainage in no time at all. A general build-up of fat and oil…