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26.Feb, 201620

Blocked Drains? Call Drain Meister!

When it comes to blocked drains there is no doubt you need a professional to help; drain blockages can cause floods and further damage, and that can cost a lot of money. Sometimes it can be hard to find the blockage – let alone to reach and clear it – but at Drain Meister we have the expertise and equipment to do it for you efficiently and affordably. We serve residents and businesses in Durban with a range of plumbing and drainage solutions, and we have many satisfied clients who will happily testify to our level of excellence. At Drain…

19.Feb, 201610

All Your Drain and Plumbing Requirements at Drain Meister

Are you searching for a leak in your plumbing system but can’t find it? Or perhaps your outdoor drains are blocked and need clearing? At Drain Meister we can help you with both of these troublesome problems, and much more besides. We have been providing drain maintenance and plumbing services to homes and businesses in Durban for some time, and we have a reputation for excellent service and can lay claim to many satisfied clients. With excellent rates and a professional approach you can rely on us to get the job done. We can help with everything from professional high…

12.Feb, 201610

Let Drain Meister Find those Hidden Leaks

When you think you have a leak in your plumbing or drainage system yet you can’t find it things can become very frustrating. Sometimes you realise you are using more water than you should be, yet there is no sign of a leak no matter how hard you look. This is largely because much of the system is hidden, so you can’t necessarily get at the part that is leaking. At Drain Meister we have the equipment and expertise to help you find the leak and repair it, and at affordable rates. Drain Meister serve addresses in and around Durban…

5.Feb, 201610

Drain Meister for All Your Drains and Sewer Problems

Are you having problems with blocked drains that are causing flooding? Or perhaps you suspect a leak in your system, but cannot find it? Each of these – and many more commonplace problems with drains and sewers – can be very problematic, let alone costly, and they need to be attended to quickly and with expertise. At Drain Meister we have a reputation for fast and accurate work with all types of problems relating to drains, sewers and plumbing systems, and as a leading name in South Africa in the field we are the perfect people to help you. Drain…

5.Feb, 201610

High Pressure Drain Jetting Services in Durban

Drains and sewers are the hidden yet essential part of all dwellings, and they can be subject to problems. Drains can become blocked as the everyday detritus flows into them, and blocked drains need to be cleared if you are to avoid floods and other potential damage. At Drain Meister we can help, and we use the very latest high-pressure jetting solutions to clear even the most difficult drains. With many satisfied clients in and around Durban we have a reputation as the best in the business, and we believe you will appreciate our affordable rates. Drain Meister are experts…

28.Jan, 201610

Find and Fix Sewer Blockages with CCTV

There’s no doubt you spend little time thinking about the complex and vast – not to mention essential – sewer systems that run beneath ground. They provide a vital service, as do the drains that are allied to them, and we tend to take them for granted. The problems that arise with sewers and drains are mainly associated with blockages – debris may be washed into the system and become stuck, backing up everything that flows through – and these need to be found and fixed quickly. At Drain Meister, a leading name in sewer and at drain maintenance in…

21.Jan, 201600

Leaks Cost Money – Let Drain Meister Help!

Common in the home and in business premises, water leaks in the plumbing system can be costly and also may cause damage. The amount of water lost in one year thanks to even the smallest of leaks can be colossal, and finding such small leaks can also be very difficult thanks to the hidden nature of plumbing systems. If you suspect you have a leak – perhaps you have noticed an increase in water bills yet are using no more than usual – you need to sort it quickly, and Drain Meister are the experts in finding and repairing leaks….

14.Jan, 201610

High Pressure Drain Jetting Can Solve your Problem

Storms can drive debris into drains that may be difficult to get rid of, and such blockages can be troublesome and lead to flooding that causes expensive damage. The same is true of sewers, essential amenities that are part of daily life, lying unseen beneath the ground, and the traditional methods of rods for cleaning drains can prove to be incapable in some cases. At Drain Meister, a leading name in drain and sewer maintenance in South Africa, we can help you with even the most difficult blockages, and our work is guaranteed top quality every time. How do we…

6.Sep, 201520

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