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30.Mar, 201610

Short and Long-Term Solutions from Meister

Keeping your drains well-maintained is essential, and this is especially so when it comes to industrial and commercial drainage systems. Business owners need to ensure that the drains covering the building are working adequately at all times; floods and other problems, usually caused by blockages or damage, can be both troublesome and costly. At Meister, leaders in blocked drain treatment in Cape Town, we can help not only with blockages in the home and at work on a one-time basis, but we are more than happy to come to an agreement for a maintenance contract, at sensible prices.

A maintenance contract will allow you to be sure that your drainage systems are operating efficiently all the time; one of our expert team will visit regularly and check the system plus attend to any problems there may be, so we cut back on the possibility of leaves and other debris getting into the system. Meister has a reputation for excellent service at great prices and we have many satisfied clients; using the latest equipment and solutions, we attend to all problems as quickly as we can, and rectify your problem in a fast and efficient manner.

We use the latest high pressure water jetting system for clearing drains – it’s the safest and most effective method, and a proven one – and up to the minute CCTV solutions for finding even the most difficult to find blockages and damage. With a team of highly experienced and fully trained experts on hand to attend to any problems, no matter how large or small, you can rely on Meister to come to your aid as fast as we can, and to leave you with working drains that have been repaired or cleared perfectly. For more information on maintenance contracts or to report a problem get in touch now, and we’ll do all we can to help.


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