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28.Jun, 201610

We Can Find That Elusive Leak!

A leak in your plumbing or drainage system can be difficult to find, and may also end up costing you a lot of money if left unchecked. Water loss is a common cause of added expense for homes and businesses in and around Durban, and if you suspect you have a leak or a damaged pipe you should call in the experts. At Drain Meister we have the knowledge and expertise to help with everything from elusive minor leaks to major blockages and damaged drains, and we offer our services at excellent rates.

We can also provide emergency services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so if you have an immediate problem we are the people to turn to; you may want to keep our number handy in case you need us in the future. Furthermore, we can help with installations, re-routing of pipes, leak detection and all areas of unblocking drains, and we use the latest high pressure water jetting solutions for the best results. Contact us for any plumbing or drainage related problems and you will receive professional, friendly service every time, no matter the problem.

At Drain Meister we are committed to providing quality service at competitive rates, and we are happy to provide you with a quote for any work you may need doing. We also offer exquisite bathroom renovation services, so get in touch if you need one refreshing or renewing. We do our very best to complete your job with the minimum intrusion into your daily life every time, and our service providers are always courteous and professional. For all your plumbing and drainage requirements contact us at Drain Meister, and we will be more than happy to help you no matter how large or small the job, and at rates that will impress you.


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