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14.Jun, 201610

We Clear Blockages Fast

Blocked drains are a perennial problem, and if left unattended can cause further problems and cost money. Whether caused by debris – typical with outside drain and sewer systems – or by a build-up of grease and other substances in your sink outlet the blockages need to be cleared efficiently and quickly, and at Drain Meister we have the solution for all types of blockages. We serve addresses in all areas in and around Durban, and with many satisfied customers so far, we have a reputation for excellent professional service and proven results.

At Drain Meister we like to assure our customers that we use the latest techniques and the right equipment; for example, we are experts at high pressure water jetting, which is the most effective solution for blocked drains, especially those where the blockage cannot be easily reached. We also have portable drain blockage clearing equipment which means we can attend to difficult blockages in tight spaces, and our expert team is highly trained in the latest methods. Drain Meister offers a full range of services – we can also re-route drains that have been damaged by roots, for example – and we remain proud of our excellent reputation.

We can help with electric and solar geyser installation, plus we also install heat pumps where necessary, and for any instances of water loss and suspected broken pipes we can attend as an emergency service at sensible rates. At Drain Meister we like to ensure our customers get quick and efficient service, and we endeavor to complete your work quickly, and with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. Have a look at our website right now for more information on our range of services, or get in touch and one of our friendly team will be more than happy to answer your questions.


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