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10.Mar, 201610

What Causes Blocked Drains? Ask Meister!

Blocked drains in the home can be a nightmare; whether it is your sink unit, bath or toilet – or even drains outside the home – that becomes blocked, the result can mean flooding, problems of cleanliness, and added cost. What causes blocked drains? At Meister, a leading name in the investigation and repair of drain problems in Cape Town, we have found that the causes of blockages can be varied, but rest assured we have the expertise and equipment to clear your blockage and fix your drainage in no time at all.

A general build-up of fat and oil in sink units is a common form of blockage, and we recommend you dispose of such in a different fashion. Flushing solid items down toilets – usually by mistake – is also a common blockage problem, and tree roots are also something we encounter regularly. Further problems can be caused outdoors by leaves and other debris collecting at certain points in the drain, and this can easily result in serious flooding. Meister boasts a wealth of experience in clearing blockages, and we promise fast results at affordable prices, plus as little disruption as possible.

Meister uses the latest high pressure water jet systems to remove blockages from drains and we investigate with hi-tech CCTV that allows us to reach even the most awkward parts of a drainage system. We promise a professional and friendly approach at all times, and we are available at quick notice for emergencies if necessary. If you suspect you have a blockage then get in touch with us at Meister right now; we’ll listen to your problem and send a technician out to investigate, and you will be back up and running in no time at all. You can rely on Meister to get the job done – so make a note of our name!


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