Why You Need Experts Like Meister

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10.Apr, 201610

Why You Need Experts Like Meister

Among the many essential systems in the home, your plumbing and drainage is often overlooked. This is largely because – apart from the obvious inlets and outlets – it is largely hidden, and even outside the house only a minor part of drain systems is visible. This can cause problems when it comes to clearing a blockage, as finding the cause can be difficult. At Meister we have the expertise and experience to help you find even the most problematic drainage problems, thanks to the use of the latest equipment and techniques.

We understand the causes of blocked drains and, as a result, we know how to handle the different problems; we can deal with anything from cement or stones in the system to the common problem of leaves, or the regular grease and oil in the sink unit. We use a clever and portable CCTV system to search the pipes and find the problem, and then a high pressure jet washing machine to clear away any debris that may be causing a blockage. As experts in the field, you can rely on us to attend to any address in and around Cape Town, and fix your problem as quickly as we can.

At Meister we are proud of a reputation for excellent service and great results, as well as affordable prices and a friendly approach, and we are proud of the many customers who have used our services. We also offer a maintenance contract option – popular with commercial and industrial customers – that keeps on top of problems on an ongoing basis, so talk to us right now if you want to know more. For information on our drain cleaning and maintenance solutions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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